My First Month of the Disney College Program

Updates from August 30, 2014 through October 3, 2014. I need to start off by saying I have had the most incredible (and busy) month of my entire life! I am having so much fun living down here in the Sunshine State. There’s so much to update everyone on that I don’t know where to start. Well, I guess I can start out with my mini vacation with my mom and Natalie. After all, we ended up staying at the Animal Kingdom Lodge. We spent three days in Disney World total. We spent our first day at the Magic Kingdom. I may or may not have cried when I rounded the corner and saw Cinderella Castle. Good thing I had sunglasses? We did lots of rides and had an awesome dinner at the Liberty Tree Tavern in Liberty Square. Natalie and I even stayed for Extra Magic Hours until 2am! 10450359_10203614860205333_3904933726383053992_n We spent our second day at Epcot! I always said that Epcot was my favorite park and revisiting that park just validated my opinion even more. We did Soarin’, Test Track, and Mission Space just to name a few! And Illuminations: Reflections of Earth just happens to be my favorite night time spectacular! 10636326_10203619433799670_7376233925227774328_n Our last day in Disney, we were supposed to go to Animal Kingdom in the morning and Hollywood Studios in the afternoon into the night. But we were so tired that we decided to skip Animal Kingdom and sleep in that day and just hit Hollywood Studios when we were up and ready for the day. I was super excited to go to Studios because I knew that this would be the park that I would be working at! We ate dinner at Mama Melrose and it was incredible. I need to go back and eat that pasta dish I got. We finished out the night by watching Fantasmic! 10622762_10203628297061246_8563818490023309592_n On September 2, 2014, I checked into my program. I “officially” found out where I’d be working, since I already knew about a month before I checked in. Star Tours: The Adventure Continues in Hollywood Studios! We also found out our living arrangements. Vista Way. It’s the oldest complex out of the four and little run down but there’s not much we can do. We make it work. I live with five other girls; Lexie, Jalyn, Teresa, Amber, and Tabitha. IMG_2057 I love the way my room turned out as well! IMG_2071 My first week down here, I had to dress professional for tons of orientations, I got my name tag (that I plan to get changed to my hometown soon, yanno since I don’t go to Rowan University and haven’t since 2012…), and my best friend in the whole world visited me!! IMG_2133 IMG_2124 IMG_2297 IMG_2294 The main thing on my program is my work. I work at Star Tours and I have yet to see a single movie… Or I should say I watched like one when I was like 6 years old. Do you really think I remember that though?! I had the most awesome trainer (THANK GOD) and we got along really well because we’re both very sarcastic. Overall, I really love my coworkers and my job in general. Operating the ride is so much fun! If any of y’all happen to be in Disney World at Hollywood Studios before January, let me know! 10703742_10203788666110372_5106666637653319164_n IMG_2155 But other than work, on my days off, I tend to go visit the parks and make lots of memories with my new friends from all over the country and even around the world!! Here’s a few of my favorite memories with my new friends! IMG_2172My new friend, Lauren, from Galloway, NJ! IMG_2574 My roommate, Lexie, from New Orleans, LA and Rapunzel! IMG_2185 Oh, and Cinderella! IMG_2214 My roommate, Teresa, from Natick, MA, and my friend, Alina, from Australia! IMG_2558 Lexie, plus my two new friends, Steph from Connecticut and Stacie from Texas! IMG_2453 I’m sure you guys can see what a blast I am having down here! I am sooooo grateful for this whole experience and I’m excited to see what the next 3 months have in store for me!


A Long (Overdue) Update

Well hello there!

I know it’s been a while since I posted anything… That would be because I’ve been working 40+ hours a week and the days that I’m off, I’m running around to doctor’s appointments and stores buying stuff for the apartment!

Currently, as of this post, I am 34 days away from leaving to Orlando for my mini Walt Disney World vacation. My mom ended up changing the reservation from the Animal Kingdom Lodge to Port Orleans – French Quarter.

Screen Shot 2014-07-27 at 11.47.10 AM


It’s pretty, isn’t it?!

Alright, so let’s see what needs to be updated on…

My roommate, Jalyn, picked out an awesome shower curtain for our bathroom and my mom was kind enough to buy two rugs for it along with the one that Jalyn also bought! I also bought these super cool Space Bags that Ziploc has. You like put a bunch of stuff in it and suck all of the air out so it’s easier to pack. I was amazed at what I was able to fit into my one duffel bag! I fit my comforter, two blankets, one throw, four bed pillows, one decorative pillow, two sets of sheets, and eight towels into ONE duffel bag! It was pretty mind-blowing to be honest.

With all of that said, I’m also starting to stress out about packing. I’m not even stressed about moving over a thousand miles away from home. I need the change. I’m trying to limit myself to one suitcase and two duffel bags. But being that one duffel bag is already full, I really need to limit myself on what I bring. I mean, I can always set stuff aside for my mom to ship to me if I really need it, right?

I’m also pretty damn anxious because I just want to know what park I’m going to work in and what apartment complex I’m going to live in. From what I remember talking to my roommates, I think we’re aiming towards the Commons or Vista Way…

the commons


vista way

So…. I also can’t find myself to stop listening to my Disney playlist. I listen to it at work every single day and it just makes me so happy and excited inside. My one really good friend, Dina, and my sister, Natalie, just love to make fun of me when I get emotional listening to Illuminations and Wishes. There’s just something about that music that releases something inside of me that I honestly can’t explain.

Oh! I went to a Backstreet Boys concert at the end of June that could possibly be the best concert I’ve ever gone to. I went with my best friend, Amber, my sister, Natalie, her friend, Chrissy, my friend, Emily, her boyfriend, Jim (that was funny seeing her drag him to the BSB), and my mom! And actually, TODAY, Amber just told me that we’re going to see One Direction on August 14th in Philadelphia! It excited me so much because I love them so much!

Anddddd my 21st birthday is in two weeks so that’s super exciting as well. I’m just going to the local bar. Nothing too fancy.

Other than all that, working 40+ hours a week, and going to at least one doctor’s appointment a day on my days off, nothing has really changed. Just the fact that as each day passes, I get closer and closer to my program!

I can’t wait for August because I know that time is going to fly on by!

Till then my friends!

BeccaDoesDisney – A Day In The Life Of A Wonderland Employee


I know! I know! I know! I haven’t updated in a while AT ALL!! I’ve so busy working and today is my first full day off from doing anything in like three weeks! Crazy! In this VLOG update, you’ll see me working at Wonderland in the ticket box. It’s thrilling! JUST KIDDING! It can get kinda boring but it’s an easy and fun job and I tend enjoy myself. I’ve made some awesome friends over the years I’ve worked there and I enjoy their company!

Traditions. Traditions! TRADITIONS!

It seems that the Disney College Program Fall/Fall Advantage 2014 Facebook page has been blown up by us ladies trying to get help for our Traditions outfits. Being as young as we are, it’s rare that we’ve worn business clothes before, which is why I feel that we are a bit clueless. (If you already know the Disney Business Look Guidelines, go below to after the second line!

Of course, Disney gives their limitations. Here’s what they have to say:

Business Attire for Women

  • Professional options for women include dress pants with a classic style blouse or sweater, skirted or pants suit, dress with or without a jacket, and business-style walking shorts with a blouse and jacket or vest.
  • A blazer or suit may be required at certain times, depending on your work location and the nature of your role. Check with your area leader for more information.
  • Sleeveless tops and dresses are permitted, provided the sleeve width is no fewer than three inches (approximately 7.6 cm). Tank tops, spaghetti straps, and other casual styles are not acceptable.
  • Traditional and professional style mid-calf Capri pants are permitted. Cotton twill, cargo, leggings or other casual styles of Capri pants do not present a professional image and are therefore not permitted.
  • Cotton twill full-length pants (i.e., Dockers®, khakis) are permitted only if they are neatly pressed, creased, and appear to be professionally laundered.
  • Non-costumed cast members are permitted to wear a short- or long-sleeved oxford style dress shirt with property-specific embroidered logo. A blazer is optional.
  • In addition to the options above, non-costumed women in Sports and Recreation atWalt Disney World® Resort are permitted to wear dress or golf-style shorts no shorter than three inches (7.6 cm) above the top of the knee. Shorts may be paired with a professional-style blouse (as detailed above) or with a neat, well-maintained polo or golf-style shirt. Shorts are not permitted for females in Golf Operations or for office-based cast in this area.
  • Clothing not permitted includes polo or golf-style shirts (except for Sports and Recreation cast), cargo-style pants, t-shirts, sundresses, leggings, casual shorts, wrap-around shorts, one-piece rompers and garments made of denim fabrics.
  • Winter jackets and coats should present a professional appearance and should be made of fabrics traditionally acceptable in business. For example, wool, leather and micro fiber offer good choices. Denim, nylon, satin and other casual fabrics would not meet these professional guidelines.

Clothing Lengths

Dress and skirt lengths may range from three inches (7.6 cm) above the top of the kneecap bone to the bottom of the ankle. The length of shorts should be from the top of the kneecap bone to three inches (7.6 cm) above the top of the kneecap bone. Slits in skirts, kick pleats and buttoned or snapped closures should not exceed five inches (12.7 cm) above the middle of the knee. Pants should be long enough to touch the bottom of the ankle.

Fabrics and Patterns

Fabrics should be those traditionally acceptable for business, such as tweed, wool, cotton, polyester, silk, linen, rayon or blends of these fibers. Unacceptable fabrics include spandex, gauze, metallic fabrics, sheer fabrics, clinging knits, denim and chambray. Patterns that are large graphics, large company and non-company logos, and styles that suggest extremely casual sportswear are not permitted.


Fingernails should be kept clean. If polish is used, it should be complementary to your skin tone. This includes deeper, richer shades of polish. Polishes that are not permitted include neon, black, gold, silver or multi-colored. Charms or decals on fingernails are not permitted. Fingernails should not exceed one-fourth of an inch (approximately 6 mm) beyond the fingertip.

Hair Accessories

Hair accessories should be a classic style and should coordinate with the outfit.


  • Rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, lapel pins, and a business-style wristwatch are permitted. A pin, brooch, or scarf clip in good business taste is also acceptable.
  • Two necklaces and two bracelets in good business taste that blend with the outfit and each other are permitted.
  • Ankle bracelets are not permitted.
  • One earring in each ear is permitted. It must be a simple, matched set. Earrings may be clip-on, pierced, hoop or dangle and must be worn on the bottom of the earlobe. Earrings may extend up to two inches (approximately 5 cm) from the bottom of the earlobe and should be professional in style.
  • Only one ring on each hand is permitted, with the exception of a wedding set. A ring may be worn on any finger.


Dress shoes or boots in good business taste are required. Classic dress shoes are permitted to have an open toe, open heel and/or sling back. Athletic shoes, sandals, and Western boots are not permitted.

Hosiery is optional for female non-costumed cast members. If hosiery is worn, it should be sheer or opaque hosiery in subdued shades.

Now, I know that is a lot to take in, but that’s why I’m here to help!

From what I have heard from DCP Alumni, there’s A LOT of walking involved with Traditions. Walking to the buses from your apartment, walking from the buses into Disney University, a trip to the Magic Kingdom, and more!

Ladies, I cannot tell you what to do or force you to wear anything, but I highly suggest that you do NOT wear heels!! If you are fully comfortable with walking around in heels, then be my guest (pun intended).

But where do I buy business clothes? 

I will give you a few places to shop! I’m going to compare these stores to the tiers of Disney hotels! Deluxe ($100+), Moderate ($50+), and Value ($25+)! Also look for sales and coupons!

1. If you are willing to spend a little more money for great quality, fashionable business clothes, I’d check out White House Black Market! (Think Deluxe..)

That’s where I got my Traditions dress! And yes, it was expensive, but it’s amazing quality. Here it is:

10255912_10202694362433464_1190893423_nHere’s two acceptable examples of dresses for Traditions from WHBM.

570111080_1145_normal     570106517_011_normal

The neck line on the first dress is modest and doesn’t show a lot of cleavage, if any at all! And it also hits perfectly above the knee cap. Very appropriate for traditions!

The second dress is also acceptable, though you may need to wear a light sweater on top to cover your shoulders. The dress covers the upper chest perfectly, and like the first dress, hits perfectly on the knee cap!

— — —

2. Another great place for business clothes in New York & Company. (Think Moderate..)

I absolutely adore NY&C. Their clothes are super cute and awesome for business! I bought things from this store two years ago when I went to my cousin’s Bar Mitzvah. (I am not Jewish, though.)

Here’s an example of a skirt and blouse outfit you could wear!

7th-Avenue-Suiting-Collection-Pencil-Skirt-Floral-Print_03871089_275     Mercer-Soft-Shirt-Solid_01278617_180

This skirt is absolutely adorable! It hits a few inches below the knee which is obviously 100% acceptable. If you don’t like it that long, get it altered to the acceptable length of your liking!

The blouse I chose to pair with this skirt brings out the navy petals on the flowers in the skirt. I’d tuck the blouse into the skirt and have it bubble a tiny bit above the skirt.

If I didn’t already buy a dress, I’d buy this ensemble! (Which I still might…)

— — —

3. Believe it or not, Target carries business clothes at fantastic prices! And even more fantastic if you have the Target Cartwheel app! (Think Value..)

If you go on the website, you’ll have to dig through the site to find what you’re looking for, but if you actually go to the store, there’s a section of business clothes.

Here’s a pants and shirt outfit I came up with!

15029173_201401172045     15060550_201312271123

The gray pants are tailored for that perfect business look. I chose pants, even though Florida is ridiculously hot, because Disney won’t allowed tailored capri pants.

Then I chose a color block blouse. This is perfect because it is light and has a good neckline.

But what about jewelry?

As mentioned above, there are jewelry guidelines, Maximum of two necklaces and two bracelets. No more than one ring per hand; does not apply to Wedding and Engagement rings! Also, only one stud earring per ear.

You can buy jewelry almost anywhere, so I won’t list examples. (All three stores above carry jewelry, so check that out!)

Here’s a few examples of necklaces and bracelets though! Yes… I’m using Disney examples.

1a. Classic Necklaces and Bracelets (meaningful jewelry)

7501002520719     400209090992

1b. Fashion Necklaces and Bracelets

Screen Shot 2014-04-16 at 5.45.32 PM     Screen Shot 2014-04-16 at 5.44.28 PM

2a. Classic Earrings

7501002529713     7401055360654

2b. Fashion Earrings

Screen Shot 2014-04-16 at 5.54.30 PM     Screen Shot 2014-04-16 at 5.53.25 PM

3a. Classic Rings

7401055320079     7401055670709

3b. Fashion Rings

Screen Shot 2014-04-16 at 6.05.16 PM     Screen Shot 2014-04-16 at 6.04.43 PM

But what about nail polish?

Disney doesn’t want girls with obnoxious nail colors. Save the neon yellow or black for your days off.

Instead try colors like these!

Cos7i_22_pack-shot     Cos7i_36_pack-shot     Cos7i_31_pack-shot Cos7i_30_pack-shot     Cos7i_34_pack-shot     Cos7i_32_pack-shot

But what about hair accessories?

Headbands and hair clips for the ladies that like to dress up their hair, try simple and elegant examples like these.

71674_71674_1     28965_28965_1     30577_30577_1

56519_56519_1     43107_43107_1     40956_40956_1

But what about shoes?

You can buy shoes almost anywhere. But what’s acceptable?

Flats and heels! But as I mentioned before, flats are a better idea. Here’s a few ideas to take a look at!

Screen Shot 2014-04-16 at 6.30.01 PM     Screen Shot 2014-04-16 at 6.29.20 PM

Screen Shot 2014-04-16 at 6.28.15 PM     Screen Shot 2014-04-16 at 6.27.37 PM

I hope all of this helped you guys, because I took a lot of time to put this together! I can’t wait to see what everyone ends up wearing to their Traditions!

Have a magical day!